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Khalilah Camacho-Ali

Khalilah Camacho-Ali is a multifaceted woman with a longstanding career in various disciplines, but always centered around community service and education. She is a renown author, lecturer, photographer and actress.

Born Belinda Tolona Boyd Ali, in Chicago Illinois in 1950, she went on to attend the Muhammad University of Islam No. 2 where she graduated Valedictorian.

Khalilah guided Muhammad Ali and always supported him mentally and spiritually throughout the good and hard times of his life.

While married to the great Muhammad Ali, she travelled to over 100 countries serving the communities and helping the people she visited.

Khalilah has met with over 50 heads of state like Queen Elizabeth of England, Sheikh Muhammad Ali of Saudi Arabia, Anwar Sadat of Egypt amongst others.

She has worked directly with celebrities like Jane Fonda, Michael Douglas, Miles Davis as well as many other luminaries of our culture.

Khalilah's mission is to communicate her message about the crucial need for family, life and religious/spiritual guidance in todays society. Her lectures have been used to educate and inspire people at schools, colleges, universities, prisons and corporate events.

Her message is always focused around the importance of self esteem, self preservation, education, family and motherhood. She has stated that her basic goal in life is to help and teach the young and old how to develop proper values and good character for all mankind by sharing her knowledge garnered throughout her life experiences.