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Ibn Ali

Ibn Ali is the only blood nephew of Muhammad Ali and Rahman Ali's only son.

He was born January 31st 1979 and was a professional boxer with the record of 15-1-1 with 14 knockouts. His boxing career started straight in the pros, which is tough and very rare these days.

His passion for life and full-filling others has led him to motivational speaking and the Ministry. A devout Christian, he lives to shed the love of Jesus Christ throughout the world. As an ambassador for peace and justice he works daily on helping others, and his passion for life has fueled his desire to keep his uncle's Legacy of love to every culture and humanity alive.

He currently resides in Louisville, Kentucky to stay close to his father and is a wonderful addition to the Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum project. The great Muhammad Ali's blood runs through the veins of this fine gentleman, and his life's work has been inspired by the humanity that Muhammad Ali shared with the world.

Ibn Ali proudly represents his uncle the great Muhammad Ali in everything he does, and his involvement with the Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum assures that the memory of this great champion of civil liberties will stand the test of time, forever.