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Chase Corbin

Chase “Checkmate” Corbin is a West Philadelphia native whose left hook and agility lead him to Las Vegas, Nevada where he trained with some of the best trainers in the sport of boxing.

Chase always had a fascination with the sport and began to box as a teenager, his adoration of Muhammad Ali and his mission makes Chase a powerful asset to the Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum.

Checkmate fought for years and maintained an undefeated fighting record before retiring from the sport for health reasons. After retirement, Chase decided to stay in his new home Las Vegas and began investing his money in other business ventures.

These days, Chase is now the proud owner of Philly Freeze-Me, which is also known as “the best Italian ice on the west coast.” He decided to open his own Italian ice store to bring a taste of the East to the West since often times, he missed the Italian ice that he enjoyed regularly as a kid.

Philly Freeze-Me has multiple locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley and is in the works to open stores in other states along the West Coast such as Arizona and Hawaii.

Chase joins the Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum board as a former boxer, successful entrepreneur, a passionate supporter of the sport of boxing and an admirer of the great Muhammad Ali.