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Ambassador A. Shabazz

Meet Ambassador A. Shabazz, the eldest of six daughters born to Dr. Betty Shabazz and Malcolm X Shabazz. A sought-after and captivating speaker, Ambassador Shabazz is a producer, writer, and diplomat who has provided executive advisories throughout the United States, Europe, Africa, Central America, and the Caribbean.  

Inspired by her parents, theirs, and theirs before them, she has led a life focused on human aspiration, societal and business development with strategic evaluation, and practical investment and enrichment outcome for “definitive beneficiaries”.  

Ambassador A. Shabazz has spent over 43 years offering keynote addresses while developing curriculums and programs for educational institutions, executive forms, diplomatic networks, penal systems, conferences, and human service organizations globally. 

Her purpose is to motivate and encourage the young and mature alike to recognize the value in and appreciation of diverse cultural engagement, the preservation of traditional rights of passage, perspectives, and a genuine respect for oneself and others.  

Her foundational respect for her family’s nearly 6-decade relationship and love of Muhammad Ali and his family, sharing a dedication to humanity’s balances, aligns with the mission of the Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum, as we unite with all parties, entities and initiatives in honor of the great impact that Muhammad Ali resonated in our society.