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About The Museum

The Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum is an institution celebrating the childhood of Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay Jr.). From 1947 until 1961, the Clay family (Cassius Clay Sr., Odessa Clay, Cassius Clay Jr., and Rudolph Clay) lived at the home located at 3302 Grand Ave. Louisville, KY. It was here that Ali first started to box at the age of twelve, won the Olympic Boxing Gold Medal at the age of eighteen, and signed with the Louisville Sponsoring Group, turning professional.

The 3302 Grand Avenue home has been restored to the exact condition it was in at the time when the Clay family resided there. Cassius Sr. had previously painted the house pink for his wife, Odessa, who is said to have loved the color. Curated with unique artifacts that belonged to the Clay family, and with many documentaries and recorded interviews, this Museum is a true treasure for any seasoned or novice Ali fan or fan of American History.

Our Mission

The Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum is dedicated to the preservation of Muhammad Ali’s legacy, as a civil rights leader, as a humanitarian, and as a boxer. We are committed to allow the maximum number of general public visitors to view the Home and its many treasures as an inspiration to strive to accomplish all that one can dream about.

The Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum is a one-of-a-kind monument to the strength and character of one of America’s greatest citizens.

Our Team


George Bochetto, Esquire (Co-Founder)

George Bochetto, a nationally renowned trial Lawyer and the former Pennsylvania State Boxing Commissioner, has had an affinity for boxing since the days of his youth. In addition to his nationwide litigation practice, Bochetto has been a lifelong member of the athletic community and was appointed Pennsylvania’s State Boxing Commissioner in 1995, serving until 2002, during which he completely revamped the regulation of boxing in Pennsylvania.

While attending college, Bochetto sat in his dorm room, alone, and listened to the historic Ali vs. Foreman fight, the Rumble in the Jungle, on the radio. Bochetto was held on the edge of his seat as he learned how, with hard work and determination, anything was possible. It was in 2015 that Bochetto first became involved with the Muhammad Ali Childhood Home project and has been steadfast in his determination to restore the home into a Museum for visitors around to the world to experience the living history that is the childhood home of Muhammad Ali.


Jared Weiss (Co-Founder)

Jared had the initial vision for the Ali Childhood Home when he purchased the home in 2012. This vision turned into reality upon partnering with Mr. Bochetto to renovate and establish the museum which opened in July 2016.

Weiss is a successful entrepreneur based in Las Vegas, Nevada. A native New Yorker, Jared is established as one of Nevada premier real estate investors. His company Motion Properties, has purchased, renovated, and sold over 3000 homes since 2008 reflecting sales in excess of $400 Million.

Weiss also is known for developing “Therapy”- the popular downtown Las Vegas restaurant in the Fremont Entertainment District.

An avid family man, boxing fan, and historian; Weiss dedicates his time and efforts with honor to ensure that future generations can learn about the legacy of Muhammad Ali at the Ali Childhood Home Museum.


Evan J. Bochetto (Curator & Creative Director)

Evan J. Bochetto, a graduate of The University of Arizona, is a filmmaker currently residing in Los Angeles. In addition to curating The Muhammad Ali Childhood Home Museum, Bochetto wrote, directed and produced a 15 minute documentary, CASSIUS ALI, which is currently on exhibit within the Museum. Bochetto previously worked with filmmakers Jim Wilson and Faith Conroy on the film, 50 to 1, which traced the legendary story of the 2009 Kentucky Derby Winner, Mine That Bird.


Pamela Williams (Program Director)

Pamela Williams, a native Louisvillian, is an established business woman who brings a wealth of program and project management expertise to the Museum. Having managed projects in excess of $10m nationwide, Ms. Williams will head all fundraising and tourism efforts, in addition to, developing educational and community based programs for the Museum. Growing up in the West End of Louisville in the 70s, Ms. Williams was introduced to the boxing world as a youngster while tagging along with her father to local fights and has been a long-time fan of the sport.